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Trip to New York - May 2016

Martial Arts School - Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu - Trip to New York May 2016Sifu Heracles Stamatis traveled once again to New York, to enrich his knowledge and experience on the art of Fu Jow.

Following last year’s highly successful trip to New York, the founding members of the Athletic Union’s sports division repeated their visit to the metropolis of Fu Jow, affirming their continuous efforts on further training and development in the martial art they have been serving.

They all trained intensively with Sifu Tak Wah Eng, gaining valuable knowledge and experience, whilst being taught traditional weapon forms of the system.

The establishment of the annual visit of Sifu Heracles Stamatis to the city of New York, is now one of the adequate guarantees for the quality of education provided to the club’s athletes, in the art of Fu Jow.

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