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The Grandmaster

the-grandmaster-wai-hongGrand Master Wai Hong, the Third Generation Successor is the “Father” of Fu-Jow Pai, whose headquarter is in New York City where present day Fu-Jow Pai was Originated.

Born in Canton, China, Grand Master Wai Hong began his Martial Arts training as a child. Besides Fu-Jow Pai, he also learned several other systems of Kung-Fu, notably Hung Gar, Mi Chung I, Choy Lee Fut and Tai Chi Chuan.
In 1957, Master Wai Hong began to assist the Venerable Grand Master Wong Moon Toy. After the death of the Late Grandmaster, Master Wai Hong became the “Third Generation Successor”.

Since assuming office in 1960, the Grandmaster has dedicated himself to the promotion of Fu-Jow Pai Kung-Fu and the Chinese Martial Arts in General. It was he, who after nearly ten years of assessing the prospects of the arts for which he is responsible, decided to make Fu-Jow Pai available to all who would strive to reach its standards. In August Moon 1968, the Grand Master formally organized the Fu-Jow Pai Federation, chartered by the State of New York in 1971, thus making the name known and the arts accessible to the public for the first time.

Through years of dedication, he has trained impressive numbers of high quality students & qualified instructors more than any others, who’re known throughout the martial art world as excellent performers and top competitors. At the same time, he extended his training programs to Colleges and Universities in New York City as well as other Eastern States and in the Caribbean. It’s now one of the largest, fastest growing systems in the world. Fu-Jow Pai, native to New York, is a proud third generation embodiment of the original Shaolin Hark Fu Moon, Black Tiger System.

Another distinguished contribution to the martial arts world by Grand Master Wai Hong was being the first to promote Full Contact Tournament in 1971. Its concept has been adopted by promoters in this country. From which has directly influence the development of the present day Full-Contact Tournaments.

The Grand Master was also the Founder of the Eastern United States Kung-Fu Federation. The largest Union of different Kung-Fu Systems and practitioners in America, which in itself was a departure for the Kung-Fu Community and has been traditionally mutually aloof.