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Martial Arts Seminar - May 2016

Martial Arts School - Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu - Martial Arts Seminar May 2016The established annual seminar of martial arts, was conducted successfuly by the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union.

Our athletic association participated in the seminar, as every single year, with enthusiastic athletes known for their desire to delve deeper into the secrets of martial arts.

During the weekend of 21st and 22nd of May, our club’s athletes trained intensively, working on both armed and unarmed traditional forms of Fu Jow. Yet, they found some time for relaxing moments in the luxurious setting of Kymi Palace Hotel, where the seminar was held.

All participants expressed their appreciation for the excellent organization and hospitality, renewing their appointmen for the upcoming training camp of the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union.

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Watch a short video from the Martial Arts Seminar