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Summer Training Camp 2014

Fu Jow Pai Summer Camp 2014The annual training camp of the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union was held successfully, for yet another year, at the cozy setting of Eretria Village hotel, in the region of Eretria.

During the 10 days camp, athletes of all ages have had the chance to train at the luxurious hotel facilities, as well as to enjoy relaxing moments by the pool or at the nearby beach.

The daily schedule consisted of training sessions in specially arranged battle arenas, as well as practicing in traditional Fu Jow forms and techniques.

The young athletes' participation has been particularly exciting, as they competed with great passion in the training sessions and the established training games.

The training camp was concluded with the medal awarding to the winning teams of the games and the essential commemorative photos.

All participants have been quite pleased with the quality of this year's training camp, thus they all renewed their appointment for the next training camp of the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union.

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