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Martial Arts Seminar

martial arts seminar 2014 21 20140516 1462643651The established annual martial arts seminar of the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union was held with great success and high participation, at the Eretria Village hotel.

 The two-day seminar took place on May 10th and 11th, including training sessions on both bare-hand and armed Fu Jow forms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground techniques as well as classes of Capoeira and Yoga.

Among the special guests of the Athletic Union were Christos Markes, a master of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Vassilis Dimas as Capoeira instructor and Chara Grammatikou as Yoga teacher.

Despite the busy schedule, everyone managed to enjoy relaxing moments at the luxury setting of the hotel.

All participants were quite pleased with the courses' level, thus they all renewed their appointment for the forthcoming summer training camps of the Fu Jow Pai Athletic Union.

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